Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hi everyone, I just got home and what a great day, 50% off sale at Arthur Toyes, so of course I spent way too much money and bought some of the most wonderful fabric with the idea of making some historical costume. Isn't it amazing, and to quote some of my fellow bloggers how dorky we textile lovers are, and how happy anything to do with textiles can make us. Anyway look at my stash. 3 different colours of silk (yes silk) taffeta, red, the palest of pinks, and a yummy chocolate brown, hmmmm chocolate. 5 meters of white cotton lawn, 3 metres of black flannel, and 3 metres of a pale grey/green cotton nylon blend that just looks like a Victorian gown to me. OH I have found happiness and it is a wonderful thing.
I would like to introduce you to a friend I met in Wellington, dressed in one of her wonderful dresses, she inspired me to start blogging and I love her inspirational blog.

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