Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just a linen tray cloth with embellishments

A Birthday Treat for Peaches

My sister's bithday was coming and I wanted to make a textile picture for her, to replace one I had given her many years before. I wanted to place her in the context of her new life, and set her free from all that had been before.

My inspiration was a piece of fabric with a historic print on it that I saw on trade me.

I have been collectiong old doilies and tray cloths etc and have about 100 now. I picked out a plain linen cloth with a hem stitch border. This was my blank canvas.

I started by cutting out flowers abd leaves from different fabrics I have and appliquing them on with a fine blanket stitch.

I used fabric paint to paint the balloon with my sister and her daughter sitting in the boat like basket.

Then it was just a matter of embellishing with ribbon work flowers and pennants, embroidery and couching on decorative threads.

The final finished tray cloth.

Do you like it? Sorry about spelling Issy's name wrong, it is her Italian title. I hope that Peaches will use this, it doesn't matter if it gets stained or worn out, the important thing to me is that if you like it and it makes you feel good, then use it. I love to surround myself with beautiful textiles, just seeing them, makes me feel good, they enrich my life.

Happy Birthday darling, love you forever.


  1. That is sooo beautiful Jo Jo - I've had the privilege of seeing it through some of its stages and I am amazed it just kept getting better and now it is gorgeous. Lucky Carolyn. Beautifully compiled Jo-Anne.

  2. What a wondrous piece ... an inspiration also .... maybe us fabric nuts in the family could take a leaf from your book and make fabric pictures as lasting gifts .... design them at next clan gathering .... and present them at the next ... I have a cupboard full of small fabric pieces I just have to keep (just like Mum) and am really looking for ideas to use them .... Now, all I need is the time ........ Congrats Jo Jo you are an inspiration.
    (where does the lovely glass background on this page come from?)

  3. absolutely beautiful, you are very talented, as ive said to Francis (yes I know him lol) I really admire the patience that goes into these works of art !! xx

  4. Thank you all for your kind and generous comments, you really are too kind my precious darlings. It is really not hard for me to make these little creations, it does not take patience, because I enjoy every minute of it, its like playing with your favourite toys.

  5. Thank you to my darling talented sister JoJo for this gorgeous piece, I think it is so beautiful and I knew as soon as I saw it it would become a treasure for me firstly and then Isabelle and then........It has taken pride of place on my telephone table so I see it as I come and go every day xx

  6. Cool i am so glad you are using it,cos if you put things away to keep them safe, you never see them, they are not a part of you life, and their lives are like the lives of beautiful objects stored away in museums, only solitude, darkness and imprisonment.