Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well I have already broken my promise of blogging everyday, cos I missed it yesterday. Oh well it is early days and I am still getting my head around the whole techno thing. My aim today is to put up a photo, and to thank Fiona for her great thought, that I have to go for it, even though my life might be cut short, I have to still do the things I would have done, and not let myself be stopped because I am scared that I will get sick. Thanks Fiona. Thought I would put up an image of my favourite textile at the moment. It is a gothic coat I am making for my son, and it has taken me over a year because I never have had the time to sew until now - yes things are going to change, cos I am now a 4 days a week girl, and it feels dam good I have to say. Anyway the coat is tailored and so it has a lot of hand sewing in it and no top stitching, it is called the Victor Coat after Victor the lead vampire of the vampire clan in the Underworld movies. Gotta go nighty nite don't let the vampires bite xx

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