Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekend Friendship

I couldn't get near my computer all weekend, partly because I was sewing and partly because my 2 grown-up sons were having a LAN party in our office, it was wired up and pumping. I spent the day on Saturday with a new friend. When I met my friend he was already dead, so I do not know his or maybe her name.
It was a peaceful day we spent together, and I enjoyed my new friend's company because he was so beautiful in death, we became quite close and I have left him on his glass resting place, hoping he will hang around for a while.
It may be the effect of working on Francis's gothic coat that has made me a little macabre, but I enjoyed it, the feeling of life and death intertwined together.

Here is another wonderful thing, it is the top section of a hatpin, and if you look closely, I am hoping you can see trapped inside are small pieces of ostrich feather. I love this, as it speaks of the life of this object, I would like to display it magnified so that you can see the feather fragments, as it speaks of the hat laden with feathers that this hatpin would have once been worn with. This delicate metal filigree ball is only 2 cm in diameter, the detail is so fine, that I did not notice the feather fragments until I was looking at the photograph. It was a special treat, and was a reminder of the importance of observing objects carefully, as it would have been a shame if this hatpin was cleaned and the feather fragments removed, don't you think? I have one more thing to show you, and it is the cloth I was working on, on Saturday. It is a birthday present for my sister, so I shouldn't really be putting it up, in case she sees it, but its not finished yet so she won't see it in all its glory, and its nice to show something partially finished, cos it kinda proves that it was made by me.

It is hand painting, applique, embroidery, and silk ribbon work, on a vintage linen tray cloth, that has been hemmed with hem stitch. Anyway this a a post post as it should have been posted on Saturday as I explained earlier, but has been posted a little post the event. Tee hee and away.

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