Friday, July 23, 2010

Its All About the Detail


Hallo friends and fellow fashion and costume lovers. There is something about costume that really intrigues, it is the attention to detail that some people take, and this I find sublime, because really darling it is all in the detail for me. Those little details that are sometimes so fine, so small or so subtle, like white embroidery on white lawn, that only when you are close to the wearer, can the detail be seen. It is seen with the brush of a cheek, and a waft of perfume as intimate moments are shared, as souls touch. Oh yes my sensitive darlings, it is something to be sought after, something to crave, and hope that you find.

Well you might be starting to feel from the images in this blog, that I have a certain attraction to buttons. It started when I was young, and I saw my Nana's jars of buttons. She had sorted them into colours, bright reds and greens, and I loved them. When I grew older and my Nana was gone, I remembered the buttons and wondered what had happened to them. I asked but no-one knew, they were lost. I started collecting buttons to replace my Nana's lost collection, and in doing so discovered how wonderful buttons are.

So now I have these, jars of coloured buttons, just like Nana's. Oh but that's not all, I also have these cool leather buttons with leather shanks.

Oh and these.

A whole wall full really.

I have found a few special ones, like these metal buttons with a matching buckle. I am still playing with ideas that this little set inspires.

These glass buttons with gilt decoration, and a diamonte centre are so feminine,I imagine them on the palest of baby blue satins, perhaps with a delicate gold stripe woven into the fabric.

I love this little metal button it is so beautifully crafted, it must be from the Victorian era. The Scotch thistle is such a Scottish symbol I expected the button to have been made in Scotland, but on the underside of the button are the maker's mark and Made in England as you can see below.

These are shank buttons, one with a moonstone centre, the blue one in the middle is glass, and the lower is imitation pearl with a gold filagree pattern around the outer edge.

These buttons were bought by a friend from India, they are an old craft that has been revived by selling these beautifully packaged buttons to tourists. See below:

And now for those patient faithful ones I have saved the tiniest most delicate buttons for you, these are so small I wonder how any but the smallest of hands could use them.

And yet even thought they are so small, some are ornately decorated with pattern and paint, it is like a world on a pin head. Don't you love it, so wonderful. Well my dears now I really must go, there is so much to do and so little time.

Tee Hee and Away.


  1. oh my goodness that's so wonderful! I love how perfectly you keep them all presented :) This is a really cool blog mum I love how you call the reader darling :P You are really starting to learn how to put your spirit and your passion in words and it's a pleasure to read.

    Made me smile :)

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  3. wow, my mum has jars of buttons like that, my daughter (8yrs) loves playing with them as did i as a child, Mum is now in her eighties and still collects buttons !!! so lovely...

  4. You have the most amazing buttons!! So neat seeing them up really close like that. Yes I remember loving Nanas button jars.

  5. Yeah weren't they cool? And wasn't Nana a wonderful creative and intelligent woman. My only real memory of intereacting with her was when she read to us from Alice in Wonderland. It was a poem and I remember it had the phrase Cabbages and Kings in it. I must look it up, and figure out how to do a blog a bout it.