Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well I am having a sewing frenzy, so I am too busy to write much tonight. I am using the cotton fabric I bought a couple of days ago to make a skirt, The fabric has a tartan print with a black lace pattern overlaying the red checks of the tartan. It is quite cool, although probably a little bright for some, but I have been inspired by this kind of Balmoral love of tartan that Queen Victoria started. So I am using an 1860's dress from the Kyoto Costume Institute's collection to base my pattern on and it is going to be an interesting garment. I will show you how it comes out, and if anyone is interested I could put the pattern up. Anyway some cool stuff is unfolding at the moment and we could be about to get underway to make a crinoline underskirt for an 1860's dress in the collection so I am pretty excited. We are going to follow traditional techniques, and are even going to use crin steel, so it is the real deal, and I will blog a little about it soon. Anyway its tee hee and away cos I want to wear this skirt.

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