Friday, August 27, 2010


As have been researching pennants and pagentry, I came across this in my googling searches and had to share it with you my passionate darlings, because I know that it will fascinate you, that at one time textiles were such a sign of prestige and power that two Kings were prepared to risk all to see who could be the more lavishly decked out for a little camping holiday in the most fantastic textiles imaginable.
The painting above is of the scene at Dover as Henry VIII and his Courtiers prepare to leave for the most fantastic camping trip ever.
The best ever if you love textiles, glamour and excitement. King Henry VIII and King Francis I met near Calais in 1520 for a little camping holiday.

Francis I and King Henry VIII

The trip was really a big brag fest, who had the most glorious accouterments, and the spot where they pitched camp was known as the The Field of Cloth of Gold because of the amount of gorgeous gold cloth.

This stuff is pretty wonderful as you can see from the above image, and expensive and the two kings just about bankrupted their countries getting set up for the most stylish camping trip ever. Here is one of the tents, these were modeled on the layout of palaces, and made from velvet and cloth of gold.

The entertainment was not lacking either, with a jousting tournament between knights on horseback. Below is the roll of arms from the tournament, starting with those of the two kings, and then listing the arms of the jousting knights.

The painting below captures the scene from above in all its splendour. Camping under canvas will never be the same again.
Bonjour my sweet little peaches. I have not been well so have not spoken for some time. I wanted to tell you about a wonderful gift I was given recently by my favourite peach, a little stash of ribbons.

Anyone who has a stash will know how wonderful it is when someone gives you a little collection of treasures, put together by another who passed away before they had time to use them. Who knows what projects these were being saved for, what fantastic imaginings they inspired.

So thank you sweet pea, and watch this space to see what I do with them. Tee hee and away!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clan Gathering Pennants

At the last clan gathering, Jan gave out pennants for us to decorate to represent our family, and individual families. They are made of a soft butter yellow fabric. I have started working on one of mine, as I was given three. It was made to represent the lace makers who were our ancestors in England hundreds of years ago.

It is decorated on both sides, wth lace panels that I have handsewn onto the yellow cotton.