Friday, July 16, 2010

The Goth / Viktor Coat
Finished 14th July 2010

Today I want to show you the Goth Coat I made for my favourite Goth son. Yes it is finally finished, after over a year. It was such a relief to finally have it finished, as I couldn't start another major project until it was done and now I am free to start something new. This coat is fully tailored, with lots of handsewing and horse hair interfacing, (my favourite interfacing). Getting harder to find a good quality one these days, and pretty expensive so if anyone knows of a good place here in New Zealand, or mail order, let me know.

The coat from the back, showing the box pleat set into the back, and applique details on CB and cuffs of sleeves.

I know he's wearing eyeliner, and he loves that Goth look, and I love him to pieces. Long may you and your coat live, into eternity my love.


  1. the coat is devine! I love it :)

    Hope you wear it with total pride, Francis...

  2. What a beautiful gothic coat, is he thinking about about a cravat of some sort?

  3. Thank you, I would love to see him try it with a cravat, or maybe a ruff. Did you see the ruffs I made, the red brocade one would look great with this.

  4. Even in mainland Europe decent interfacing is getting more and more difficult to find.
    It's a good thing there are people still caring, even more so in this particular style of clothing.

    The coat is beautiful and well suited for a handsome lad like your son.
    He won't often meet anybody wearing something that equals a piece like that.