Friday, October 8, 2010

A New Idea for the blog

Salute ma petite darlings.

I have something new for you today.

It is going to be a regular thing I will try to do once a week, for a little bit of fun.

Its called Spot the Darling!

And to begin I would love it if you could tell me, which one of these three engravings, photographed from old copies of The Illustrated London News, do you like the best.

This Weeks Challenge


Do you like the style of these three Samoan men, who worked on English ships in the latter part of the nineteenth century.


Or the style of this young woman, who had her toy dog specially trained to carry her train, oh the delight of it! The little thing on its hind feet, with a mouthful of his mistresses robes, kinda like little girls who dress their dogs up in dresses for fun.


Or this engraving titled, Italy saluting France, well I'm sorry my pristine darlings, but it is just deliciously sexy.

So now its time for you to make your choice, The Stylish, The Indulged or The Sexy? Tell me what you think, do any of these images, strike a cord with you?


  1. Definitely the stylish. Those guys are a new level of awesome hahaha

    I want to animate them they're all so different

  2. They are very cool aren't they, it will be interesting to see how many comments I get on my first edition of this.

  3. The one in the middle is a tough ladies man. The one on the right is definitely a little queer staring at the one on the left who... I can't quite figure out myself.... He looks a little bored or... unimpressed. Perhaps he's a bit of a high brow Samoan slave :P He's very well dressed and clean.
    I suspect these guys would make an excellent short. Perhaps faced with an odd challenge like trapped on a life raft or trying to impress a native Samoan lady.

  4. Love it, and so true. They would animate so well wouldn't they. There was an article that went with the image and it had their names in it. I should look them up.

  5. I'm commenting on behalf of two people who commented on Facebook, both loved the indulged.

  6. and I love the sexy. it's so you know sexy!

  7. Oh yes it is, both women so incredibly sexy you can see that they can hardly resist each other. Love it.