Friday, October 29, 2010

The Best Way Series No. 16 Coat

Jo Jo's CoatSo let me show you how the embroidery on the coat is going too. Remember the Best Way No. 16 coat that I have been working on.

Don't you love this gorgeous creature?

I have completed the first applique panel. What do you think? It hasn't been pressed yet, and still has the basting stitches in it. So it will look a little crisper when finished.

The fabric, and panels cut from old doilies, were basted on to the houndstooth tweed to hold it firmly in place, and then the fabric edge was sewn to the - OMG I have just realised something, I have been calling this fabric a houndstooth tweed and it is a herring bone. Sorry darlings, how confusing for you.

The edges of the chintz fabric and cotton doily are finished with a blanket stitch sewn by hand with a topstitching thread for denim jeans. This one panel took me two nights while watching TV. Trouble is it makes it hard to go to bed. There are 8 panels on the coat to embroider, so I gotta go, I've got 7 more to do.


  1. Beautiful - looking forward to seeing the finished coat! Turn that tv off put on some classical music and get to work please!!!!

  2. I love it! It's unique, and beautifully finished!

  3. Thank you both, and Leimomi that is a real compliment coming from you, not that Orla's isn't a real compliment, but Leimomi you are a seamstress, one of the creative Goddesses, who understands how these things are put together, and the nature of materials, and threads. Thank you.

  4. I've seen the real thing and it is beeyoutafool