Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Best Way Series No. 16 Coat

The Design of the Embroidery

Well its decided, and no-one disagreed, this coat is the one for me. I still haven't decided on what fabric to use, but I don't think the hound's tooth is right for it, but we will see. The directions for the Sacque Coat that I am taking the pattern off, say: "Dove-grey garbardine, tricotine, or cloth, with soutache in the same shade. Soutache is special cord that is sewn on by hand to form the decorative patterns as you see below. Garbardine is: A sturdy, tightly woven fabric of cotton, wool, or rayon twill. Tricotine is similar to garbardine, and is defined as: a sturdy worsted
fabric with a double twill, used for dresses and suits.

This is the soutache design on the artist's illustration of the coat. But I wanted to have a go at doing something with more of an Art Nouveau style.

I love this.

I like this for the front of the coat, mirrored on each side of the seam pockets.

So I trace the pattern and then did 4 carbon copies, as I would need to replicate this design 8 times, as it is on the back of the coat as well.

This is the final pattern, what do you think? I think it may prove to be too complicated, but I would be so proud of myself, if I could reproduce it, with soutache and embroidery, and maybe some beading.


  1. Hahaaa you're going with this coat! That's awesome :D Make the other one as well later :P
    You and I are definitely in agreement on the art nouveau pattern would be totally amazing if you pulled it off!
    Are you gonna use the fabric you brought for the other coat? Or are you thinking of going with this colour? I kinda like the brown... You used to be so into brown when I was young, but black seems to have taken over now :P

  2. That soutache patterning is amazing, but incredibly complicated! Maybe as embroidery only?

    I do like the idea of dove grey, but only because I prefer grey to brown! I'd also love to see this coat in something completely unexpected - kowhai yellow with red soutache, or robins egg blue with lavender. What can I say - I'm adventurous!

  3. You are so right, my dreamy darling, it would be impossible to execute this in soutache. I love the idea of dove grey too, and now I feel annoyed with myself, as I have cut it out in the hound's tooth tweed. I will be more patient in future and wait for comments, it is just I was getting used to not getting any. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. I love the embroidery component of what you plan and I look forward to seeing how you go with it. Have you heard of a New Zealand artist - Liyen Chong (we'll have no comments from narrow minded Paul Henry wanna be's thanks) who does these amazing works embroidering with human hair - usually her own but sometimes her friends hair? You can check her work out with this link;

  5. Wow wonderful, so fine, and so Victorian and freaky, to embroider with hair. Checked out her work, pretty nicely executed. There is a lady here is Tauranga, who belongs to the Embroiderer's Guild who embroiders with hair.