Friday, October 1, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Jo Jo's Coat

Hallo my precious darlings, I was hoping that you could help me, you see I can't decide which coat to make. You know I love old newspapers, and I recently came across this advertisement in a New Zealand Herald from 1923, for the old Farmer's Store in Auckland, (which I think is still there on the corner of Hobson and Wyndham, am I right my darling Jaffas).

This is it in 1936, 19 years after this advert was placed in the paper, but I digress.

So this is the coat, isn't it sweet?

This advert for dresses was in the same paper, these simple dresses, were perfect for a manufacturing industry that was still in its infancy, pattern cutting and sizing were not as advanced as today.

I did a sketch to help myself understand the pattern pieces.

Then drew a sketch of what I thought the pattern pieces would look like. I think that collar is totally wrong.

I bought a wool houndstooth tweed, and some brown satin for the lining. I had some leather buttons in my collection, that I like because they were quite masculine.

Houndstooth Tweed

But then, I came across the Best Way magazine in the Brain Watkins House, and it was all over for the 1923 Coat.

I love this coat, what do you think my fashion loving darlings? And those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!! Now my admirable ones, don't let this outburst upset you. What do you think? Am I right? Is it the 1919 coat, or the 1923 coat, which do you prefer?


  1. I still love that 1919 one :) I've never seen anything like that before... Though the 1923 one is very unique as well... And you've already started on that one :P So stick with it ;)

  2. I haven't started on it apart from the drawings I still have to make the pattern and it will be complicated cos I don't have a block for it.

  3. I like 1923 - but it's too late for my opinion!

  4. Its never too late, I can always make the 1923 coat as well.