Monday, October 11, 2010

Mumma's cute lil bubba socks

My Mumma is soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at these darling little bubba socks she knits.

These are knitted out of a single strand of wool, that changes colour and as you knit forms little stripes.

The aubergine and lemon stripes on this pair, give them a summer zing, I call these Tigger socks, cos they have the energy of Tigger from Winni the Pooh.

Remember Tigger. In this image Pooh had been woken in the night by Tigger knocking at his door. He had let him in and gone back to bed. As he said goodnight, being Pooh, he thought about breakfast, and asked Tigger, "Do Tiggers like honey?" Tigger cheerfully replied cheerfully, "They like everything!" Then tigger sat down in front of the mirror saying, "I've found someone just like me. I thought I was the only one of them."

Unlike Tiggers, socks come in pairs. These look like Fair Isle knitting, which comes from a tiny island in the north of Scotland. The style was made famous when the Prince of Wales, wore hand knitted Fair Isle vests in public in 1928.

Later to become Edward VIII, he was a leader of fashion in the 1920's and 30's.

Fair Isle socks.

Woollen lollipops.

Aren't they wonderful?

Stay cozy darlings, love you Mumma.
Gotta go to bed, its late.


  1. Very cute ^_^

    Hey love the new theme by the way

  2. Thanks for fixing my blog hon, it looks great, I was so relieved to come on this morning and find it looking great. love you