Sunday, August 14, 2011

List of projects

I thought I would make a list of all the projects that I want to complete, so that I could prioritise which ones were the most important to commit my time to.  Also I thought it would be helpful if my followers let me know which ones they were more interested in.

Projects under way

Modern day Edwardian inspired skirt
Patchwork quilt
Patchwork dress
Gold ruff

Projects not as yet started

Art Exhibition titled: The Trophy Wives

  • Red ruff using red sari - sexuality, female energy

  • White ruff using wedding dress - purity the bride the wife
  • Black ruff - death darkness pain
Art Exhibition 100 little things

100 small canvases covered with embroideries and other textile works representing different moments in life.

Art Nouveau Embroidery

Textile Jewellery

Purses made out of doilies

Replica of rayon blouse

Phat pants for Francis


  1. I just have too many ideas but I can never find the time to do them. Why is that? I think because I put things that you have to do, like housework and cooking, first. If you let it you could spend all your time doing those things. I just have to put sewing first, and live on instant noodles in a filthy house.