Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Embroidery Project: Number 1

 This is my sampler showing all that I expect for this first project, 3-5 outline stitches.  So don't get put off by thinking your first attempt has to be too fancy, as you can see mine is not.

This is a simple running stitch, a really good one for you to do Isabelle.

 The pink one is a whipped running stitch and the blue one is a whipped backstitch, both stitches are illustrated on Mary Corbet's Needle and Thread website that I have previously given links to.

 Blanket Stitch around the edge.

Chain Stitch, I love this stitch.

 The filling stitch for this leaf is called lattice work, there is a video for how to do it on Mary's site.

 Do you remember this wonderful piece of embroidery I showed you a few days ago.

 Look closely at the flower in the centre.
 It has the same lattice stitch in the centre, with French knots in the centre of each lattice square.

So goodbye for now my precious darlings, and let us continue to be inspired by all that is beautiful around us.

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  1. Good bye my precious darling! xxxxx
    Will always love you and all your amazing gifts, talents and your enthusiastic love of all things beautiful and LIFE!