Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Embroidery Clown

 Last weekend I was asked if I could come to a birthday party and teach the guests some embroidery, so that they would all go home with something they had made.  Kind of the Birthday Embroidery Clown.
 I gathered up some of my stash, threads, hessian, needles, and some examples of embroidery to show the birthday guests, so that they would get an idea of the huge range of embroidery that there is.

It was decided that everyone would work a heart, either the outline of a heart in an outline stitch or an aplique heart edged with blanket stitch.  As everyone focussed on what they were doing the room went quiet and the air filled with the quiet throb of creativity.  It was wonderful.

Some of the finished examples of first attempts at embroidery.
Aren't they wonderful?

And then it was off to partake of the most divine afternoon tea, with a perfectly laid table full of the most delectable goodies.
We all felt loved and cherished once again by my most precious and valuable friend. 

 Thank you so much my darling for all the energy and time you give so willingly.


  1. "There is nothing more powerful" she said, "than a woman with an open heart willing to receive."

  2. Tee Hee That was the message on my note in my little party pack, spooky!
    Hi Carolyn, gorgeous wasn't it.

  3. sounds like a good day to be Zhozho. Your kinda night aye? :P <3

  4. Yes Carolyn it was a beautiful scene, a real fantasy. It made me think of our breakfasts we used to have.