Friday, August 12, 2011

The Colour of Her Dress

This week my precious darlings the colour I have chosen from my box of threads, is Light Kingfisher blue.  What a wonderful colour, exotic and  iridescent.  This colour would need a vibrant dress full of life and fun.

 I love that these reels of thread are made in Great Britain, how often do you see that on anything you buy today?

The first dress is a design by John Cavanagh, an English designer.  The dress pattern is from the 1950's.  I love the front with its standing collar, but decided this dress was too formal for our kingfisher blue.
 This 1950's McCall pattern draws inspiration from ethnic cultures, and the blue design was definitely in the running.

This 1950's design for McCall's patterns, by Givenchy, is striking.
Here we see the dress worn by a live model, and I have to say, it is to die for.

For me though, this little 1960's number with its tulip skirt and fitted bodice is perfect for the kingfisher blue.  Made in a heavy cotton satin fabric with a low sheen, and worn with pizazz, the dress would be so much fun to wear, a party dress that would steal the show.

What do you think, have I pegged it or got it all wrong?


  1. haha fantastic!! I think that 1st one was the best I LOVE the raised collar that looks so unique. Nice choices though zhozho ;)

  2. Thanks Francis, I love that collar too, would love to make the dress, but do you think it is right for that vibrant blue? I love the last one.

  3. Zho, definitely the last one for that tantalizingly electric blue. Although perhaps change out the rose for a voluptuous bow? LOVE that top dress though and especially the back for any other colour - STUNNING!

  4. Yes bows are delicious aren't they, something worth doing a post on, from tiny little taffeta bows on cream satin slippers in the 1830's to huge white bows on the backs of modern day wedding dresses. The potential of the bow is ginormous.