Thursday, September 30, 2010

I love Old Newspapers

A Couple of Old Copies of The Bay of Plenty Times

Came across a couple of Bay of Plenty Times newspapers the other day and thought you might like to see some of the wonderful images of the 40's. This first one is an add for a Tauranga store: Gilmore Rodgers Ltd, dated 1949 and reads: "Classic springs a surprise with this sun-dazzler in New York everfast sports fabric. Gay candy stripes and awning stripes are cleverly vandyked into a whirling dervish of a skirt. The bra-top is specially fashioned and reinforced to mould and flatter you.

Wow check out those breasts, they look like metal. Perky on aluminium.

Even in soft featherlight underwear they still had a distinctly conical shape.

Look at those tiny corseted waists. The year is 1945, and fashion is on the verge of discovering the new look, introduced by Christian Dior in 1949, with its tiny waists and full flared skirts. Women were being wooed back to domesticity by a love of femininity and sexuality, after the freedom they had experienced during World War II. This is the year WWII ended.

Oh yes the 1940's were very different to today.

The four square man looked like this.

Men wore underwear like this.

We drove cars like this.

And of course women were still Goddesses.


  1. that image of the two ladies with their tight waists is sooo cool! They look fabulous I kinda wanna paint that....

  2. Psht! If I'm not a goddess nobody told me! Though I sometimes suspect that I might be Chaos. Or even Annoia. Or whoever it is you scream to when you step on a pin on the floor.

  3. Yes I need to proof read a little more carefully, sorry my clever darlings, I meant to say, that one thing that hasn't changed is that women are still goddesses.