Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Best Way Series No. 16 Coat

Another Beautiful Coat for Jo Jo

Hallo my dazzling darlings, I have something special for you today, look at this little treasure that I came across in the Brain Watkins House. It is a Best Way sewing magazine, and although it is not dated I think it is early 1900's maybe 1919. It has a wonderful collection of coat designs from that era and some wonderfully wild women. I love and want so many of these coats.

It is the brown coat on the right that I love the most of all the coats in this magazine. Best Way magazine included free patterns in every copy, unfortunately the coat shown on the cover above, the one I love, was not the pattern in this copy. I am hoping though that I can adapt the pattern for the coat in the centre, as the basic cut and style of these coats is not too dissimilar.

Look at some of the gorgeous darlings in the magazine, I love their style.

How are those collars, in this the final phase of those stiff high detachable collars worn by men in the Edwardian era, collars like Karl Lagerfeld wears today.

Such a masculine look, robbing power symbols from men again, an old ploy that fashionable women have played for hundreds of years, dressing like men so they can do what men do.

So below is a selection of stunning coats, look through them all and tell me if I am wrong, is there a more beautiful coat than the one on the front cover?

Goodbye for now sweet peas, until next time. xx


  1. at the bottom of the third to last page of coats is a woman with a black hat and a coat with black detailings on it... Maybe it's just the way it's drawn but your favourite has a point where it gets darker due to shading... and it's like 10cm below where the bump should be and makes her look saggy and infertile hahaha
    This one is my favourite on the 3rd to last page. I like the way it flares out toward the bottom and its length is just perfect ^_^

    Do you like this one too?

  2. And by the way! I think the ones with a piece of material tied around the waist are just aweful! They make it look like they're trying to create figure.. Which defeats the whole purpose of this style! They definitely look better without them Lol

  3. Yes I did like that one too, it is equally as lovely really, and totally agree about the belts.