Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Brain Watkins House

In Tauranga city in the centre of town is found a little house that the city has grown up, all around. Built in 1881 by Mr. Brain, a boat builder by trade, the house called a Victorian Villa, was lived in by members of his family until 1979. I love this little house, built of kauri timber, and still filled with furniture, pictures, china and all sorts of interesting treasures, that were owned by the family, and tell the stories of their lives. I wanted to show you this little villa, as I have featured a pattern and a magazine that belong inside, thanks to the kindness of the Tauranga Historical Society who own and care for the house, so I thought it was only fair that I introduced you to the place where they live to this day.

Just down the road from the house is a domain, and these are the gates, the Memorial gates, built to record the names of those brave young men who had fallen in World War I. You may wonder what they have to do with the house, well my historically inclined darlings, they were built by Mr. Brain, in 1921, as the plaque on the wall shows.

So one day soon when you open this blog you I will take you inside this wonderful little house, so come back and see me another day soon, and until then may the world treat you kindly and fill you with joy.

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