Friday, September 24, 2010

Its so nice to get a visitor.

The Hallway of the Brain Watkins House

Hallo once again my dear and precious friends, how I have hoped you would call. It is wet and wild outside as I write, a perfect day to be inside. So step out of the cold and come into the hallway of the Brain Watkins House.

All Victorian Villas had a central hallway running through the house with rooms on each side.

Standing proudly in the hallway with her breasts bared, is a plaster model of Britannica, the majestic warrior woman symbol of the British Isles. Statues like this were imported into New Zealand in the late 1800's, and used by artists to stand in as live models, for life drawing classes. No Christian Victorian young lady would have dared to draw a nude live model. One of the daughters of Mr. Brain, Bessie, was an artist and there are examples of her paintings in the house. Britannica may have been purchased for her.

Over the door, on the glass window, is a transfer, can you see the man beside the river. A very European scene.

Looking back down the hall towards the door.

Standing in the hall you get a glimpse into the pink bedroom, and beside the bedroom doorway is an elegant hat stand, made in the latter part of the 1800's. This was a store bought piece of furniture, a place to hang your hat and put your umbrella on a wet and wild day.

Hanging near the end of the hall are a pair of rich burgundy chenille curtains. Originally there would have been another pair in the first arch of the hallway as well, giving it a feeling of luxury and wealth. One day I would love to see these reinstated, as they are still to be found tucked away in the drawer.

Just above the kitchen door are the door chimes that would have rung when a visitor pressed the doorbell, interrupting the work of the women busy inside. Well that is all for now pumpkin pies, hope you enjoyed your visit, come again and I will show you the wonderful front parlour, with its art deco styling.

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  1. HAHAHA imagine drawing from a statue to avoid actually drawing a naked woman. It is wonderful that art has transcended religion