Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seventeen Magazines Swimwear in the 1950's

Hallo my pale darlings, well summer is almost upon us and to put us in the mood I have some wonderful swimwear from the 1950's.

If you are still feeling all locked up by winter, well now its time to rock your way into summer.

I love this international number, yes darling this was what they were wearing in Paris that summer.

Wild things!

And of course there were hats for the seaside too.

And bags.

Have a great summer my lovelies.


  1. hahaaa!!! Hats AND bags! That made me laugh. Those are REALLY cool swimsuits though so awesome

  2. There are some quite inspirational designs there, aren't there?

  3. totally love image 2 and image 7. The chines hats are an odd touch... Lol

  4. Agree on image 2, I want a pair of togs like that for this summer. As for the Chinese, or coolie hats as they were known, in image 7, if you go to my post on The Brain Watkins Hat Collection in October, you will see there is a hat there based on this coolie style that is one of my favourite hats in the collection. The ones in image 7 are the real thing, as worn in Asia. And of course I am wearing a fashionable adaption of one of these hats in my profile shot on facebook.

  5. Love images 2 and 3! #4 with the ruffles on the bum is a bit odd though!