Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More of the hats in The Brain-Watkins House

The Tale of Tam O Shanter

Hallo my hat loving darlings, here are some more wonderful hats from the Brain-Watkins House. This dreamy little blue felt hat is a Tam-o-Shanter, a Scottish hat originally only worn by men, that was adopted by women and became a popular fashion accessory.

Here is a tartan version in the Scottish style, this one comes with hair.

The name of the hat was inspired by a Scottish legend that was written as a poem by Robert Burns, the most famous of Scottish poets. Tam o Shanter was chased by witches on his way home from the pub, and only saved because his mare's tail came off in the hand of the young witch chasing him.

Here is another version in quilted cotton, with a jaunty little bow on the side.

And another of quilted blue satin.


  1. gawjus! You girls!!! Stealing all our fashions! Can't anything be just for boys?

  2. @ Francis - we wish you had kept the MC hammer pants!