Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hats from the 1700's

What was going on back in the 1700's?

The 1700's have long been my favorite fashion era, and I thought my precious darlings might enjoy a little look at some of the most lavish and decorative head gear ever worn.

Grey hair was quite the vogue.

J'avais une poof sur ma tete.

Its not too much is it?

Oh the sumptuous elegance of these wonderful hats. Do you love them, or are they just too much?


  1. HAHAHA whoever answered no to "it's not too much is it?" Deserves a medal for keeping a straight face.

    Gorgeous images :)

  2. Lovit, you are so right, and thank you my darling.

  3. It's not that it's not 'too much', it's that they are too much like diapers for the head!

    You could be hiding anything under those hats - lunch, small dogs, your sewing baskets, spare shoes, a museum worth of snuff boxes, the spare glove you found on the road, not to mention Marie Antoinette's cake!

  4. Oh now you have spoilt them for me, cos you are so right. I always enjoyed the excess of them before now, because they were so over the top. But its true, they are nappies. But wonderful nappies.

  5. HAHAHA Nappies.... Nooo!!! I still think they're awesome. I could do with a cake right now! Wouldn't it be nice if I had one under my hat!