Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pippi the rag doll

I went out into the garden today, and who did I find there but Pipi.

She was relaxing in the sun, happy that she was finally finished, and quite keen to get to work selling socks for Margaret at the Cargo Shed.

Pippi called me over because she had a secret to tell me. She was very excited and happy because she had been told that Princess Isabella was coming to New Zealand in January. She was hoping that the Princess might come to the Cargo Shed and visit her there, or maybe she might get a day off to go and see the Princess.

As I walked towards her

She jumped up with excitement saying, I just can't wait.

So there she is all finished and wearing her crochet top and skirt specially designed for her by Margaret. Now all she needs is a pair of little woolen socks and she will be hard at work.


  1. very cute little story and doll. I would have loved to have a doll like her when I was little, even now! The colours!

  2. Hahaha so cute!!!! I hope I get to see princess isabella too!!!!

  3. Thank you Diggidy, she is adorable, you just kinda fall in love with her when you see her, and want to hug her. And Francis, I am sure you will get to see the Princess, she is arriving Jan 5th leaving 19th, so will be at the Clan Gathering.