Thursday, July 14, 2011

An update on the poodle collar

Hallo my poodle-lishious darlings. 

 I was sewing up the collar, and had finished putting in the buckle.  As I was working on it, I was thinking the buckle was a lighter weight than I had remembered, and suddenly it snapped in two.  Merde, I had broken it.  So I do not have a buckle of the right size to replace it at the moment.  I have a couple of options on Trade-me that look like they could be viable.   I think I will need to go to a metal buckle.
Broken buckle.

 The good news though is that the beading on the medallion is finished.

 Et suddonlee I ham feeling very shall we say tres Parisian.  

  Ohh la la

 So now how to finish the medallion, thought about a rope around the edge, but it was too heavy, and so went for a soutache cord which I think has finished it nicely.

Now we need to decide how to attach the medallion to the collar, I thought a strand of beads would look effective, what do you think?  C'est bon?

So anyway have a think and let me know if you like my idea for the beads joining the medallion to the collar or if you have some other suggestions.

A la prochaine Zho Zho


  1. OMG!The Poodle collar is Tres Chic and totally desirable; an object d'art. It is a tragedy about the broken Bakelite buckle though. It must have became brittle with age- a little like my ego. The beading is superb Zho Zho and the who;le thing is magnificent; there will be fighting in the streets for this little number. The beads attaching look great too, and the soutache cord is perfect. I have a few jet-black beads if you need them? I will look for a buckle too. I may need to meet up with you to maul the beading!We need coffee and cake pretty damn soon- I'll take you to the local French Patisserie. Adieu for now Zho Zho xxx

  2. Merci beaucoup ma petite. Glad you like the way we are going, the black beads sound good, so we should get together. I will be in town later in the week so I will give you a text and let you know when. xxx

  3. I had the honour of commenting your progress in person :P But would just like to make it clear to the world that it looks fantastic and I love it :P