Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My first bead work project and inspiration for the 1919 Butterick coat.

Finished the first attempt at a bead work project, I know its a bit wonky.  I must say it was a joy to do though, very meditational, and I am keen to learn more and follow on with another project.  I am thinking I would like to incorporate beads into the embroidery design I am planning for the coat based on a 1919 Butterick pattern from the Brain Watkins' House Collection.  

The coat fabric is a black wool flannel and the large collar is cut from a black plush, (artificial fur).  Although I have not cut the collar out yet, so we still could change this. 

This is the design for the embroidery, applique, bead work (I haven't really decided what yet), which will run down the back of the coat, it has a kind of trailing willow form with blossom, if that makes any sense.

The coat for me symbolises the end of the Belle Epoch and that love of Orientalism and all that was exotic.  It was at this time that Paul Poiret was  designing fantasy beaded creations like this one.


 Just as a little aside this beautiful image on the left is by Paul Iribe, a French artist who was asked by Paul Poiret to create a brochure illustrating his designs in 1908.  His wonderful style, and simplicity of line brought him great fame as a fashion illustrator and he went on to work for many of the great designers of the day including Coco Chanel, the Callot Souers and Jacques Doucet.

From 1914, he spent 6 years working for Paramount Studios in America, but returned to France a the end of the war.

 This is another Poiret design, c'est fantastic non?  So beading is definitely in line with Poiret's design aesthetic, and now its time for me to play.


  1. C'est magnifique ma cherie!!!

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  3. Kewl! Judging by your inspirations you're going in a good direction :P Very tasteful and different. What colour beads are you thinking? Isn't the coat gonna be like a light brown? I can't even remember... Was it green? Lol

  4. No the fabric is black, exactly the same fabric as your Goth Coat, with a plush collar. Plush is like an artificial fur.

  5. Shows you are not reading the post just flicking through the pictures, oh well! Tee Hee my darling, just like me.

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  7. No!!! I read it I swear!!! Lol just thought you were talking about the original design for some reason... :( <3