Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Colour of Her Dress

This week's thread colour is Orange Lily.  There were a few contestants for this colour

Courtesy Tauranga Historical Society
 This pant suit from 1956, which was one of the free patterns in the Australian Home Journal magazine for October.

Courtesy Tauranga Historical Society
 I love the button over-skirt shown with the green pant suit, and the accessories, the orange headscarf and blue sunglasses.

 The culottes from 1969 are my favourite, aren't they to die for.

 This 1960,s shift dress caught my eye, just cos I love the shape and cut.  I would not wear it in this colour though, as cute as it is.

So choices my fashionista darlings, which one do you love, wanna wear, or think our lady would have sewn with her orange lily thread?


  1. Orange is one of those colours I love, but can't wear. For this thread, I'm envisioning a fabulous '50s, early '60s coat. Maybe something like this, in a brighter orange:

    Or this: I would just about die of happiness if I found this one in bright orange:

  2. Agree with you on both the coats, and it is so wierd cos when I was searching for the piece for this colour I was looking through this cool little book I have on Balenciaga, one of those with cut out clothes with tabs that you put on paper dolls. I will do a post about it.

  3. Ooh, yes please! Did I tell you that I collect paper dolls? I've been doing it since I was a kid. Someday I'm going to blog about my collection - I'd love to see yours!

  4. I don't have a collection, I think you have to have more than one, for it to be a collection, but it is definitely something I could collect, as it combines two of my favourite things, books and clothes. I would love to see your collection, please do a post on it. I will do one on my one and only.