Friday, June 24, 2011

A question for my followers

Hallo once again my precious darlings.  I have been looking back over my previous posts and have noticed that whenever I do a formal post on the Brain Watkins House or an item out of the collection in the house, I get very few or no comments.  It seems to me, that the posts I do on things I am making or doing, are more interesting to you.  Is this the case, cos this blog is yours as much as mine.  Please could you let me know what are your favourite posts, and what would you like to see more of.  I want to start work on a range of textile jewellery, and wonder if you would like to see more of this.  Would you like me to show you how to make clothes, for example I have been thinking of recreating the rayon blouse from the Brain Watkin, like a step by step of how to make, as it has so many wonderful couture techniques in it.  Do you just want to see beautiful things, or are you interested in what Jzho Jzho is doing and making.




give me some feedback.

I want this blog to be something you love so please tell me what you would like the content to be.  PS I have bought a really nice camera - at great expense - to get better quality photos for you, so now I just need to know which way to go.  

Do you want?

                           a)  More on the history of fashion
                           b) More on the textiles, (buttons, patterns, clothing and embroidery etc), in the Brain                              Watkins House
                           c) More about Jzho Jzho and the creative projects she is working on
                           d) A mix of all of the above, much like it is now

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement.

Love and kisses to you all

Jzho  Jzho


  1. I vote B and C. I love the posts on Brain Watkins house, because they are about stuff that you simply can't find anywhere else. And I love your work, because it is so fun and creative (and often inspired by Brain Watkins!).

  2. Thank you Dreamstress, the first to respond, you are so onto it. xx

  3. Hello daaarrrrling sweetie sweetie darling, well I love seeing all the wonderful old treasures that you are surrounded by at work and I am happy when you share them with us, and I love seeing your beautiful creations, you have a beautiful imagination and flow of creativity. That hasn't really helped has it. Your blog is wonderful and will be something we can treasure, thank you for sharing your passion with us. I hope I can have a blog or two soon that you will look forawrd to visiting. Love you keep it up it is priceless!

  4. Far out look at all your followers, you are obviously doing something right.....keep it flowing baby!

  5. A and C for me. One of my favourite posts was the one about the history of jodhpurs. I love to see your creative process, and I totally got those pants because I knew the history and I knew all the things that are cool about them.

    I remember the information from that post and every time I do I think of your blog.

    I think the important thing is to be consistent. To repeat a similar formula and perfect it. Once we're all settled with that we can focus on what really matters :)

  6. Well it looks like a and c are in the lead so far. Thanks for your comments Ana and Francis. You are right too Francis, the posts need to have a fairly consisitent formula, funny little cute post on Wednesday, big history of fashion post on Saturday, bit like a newspaper. The jodphur blog was a combination of a and c and that is probably why it is your favourite. So that is the winning format really isn't it.

  7. Zho Zho, D for me.

    History of fashion is really interesting, loved the Jodhpurs, Swimwear and Movie costume designers sections.

    Textiles and contents of the Brain Watkins house is amazing, and gives so much insight into past designs (which can inspire future ones). Also seems to be your passion and source of inspiration so a vital foundation to the blog? I loved your posts on Plumassiers and feathers, the hats, beading and embroidery sections as well as textiles and illustrations of those eras (tiling, wallpaper etc). I think the good thing about featuring the contents of the Brain Watkins house is that you can then also rope in the general history of the piece too, which I've found to be a great read!

    Finally of course your own projects are pure inspiration because it shows how far your passion extends for your work and the craft. Its the practical after the theory! You're helping to revive the opulence of the past. Your bead work, coats and embroidery are motivating and I feel those posts totally complete the blog. Of course other than this, what you choose to blog about makes the difference and what your criteria for a captivating blog is. But what I think is also important is to keep your blog personal, keep telling us about you, your loves, your desires, your thoughts, your activities and you'll be sure to have a loyal following who know you well - go Zho Zho! X ps sorry for the novel x

  8. Novel is great, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me Hannah, it means a lot to me to know what you think, and I will take your advice although you have pretty much left it open for me haven't you sweety.