Monday, June 13, 2011

The Poodle Collar

Poodle Style

Work on the poodle collar has progressed but first let me remind you what this is all about, the love of poodles. When you  get down to it, is there anything to compare with poodle style?

These are staunch dogs, trained to hunt, and clipped to protect their chests from attack, poodles are more than you may think.

So we went with the hounds-tooth tweed, loved the Chanel feel, and after all the poodle is quintessentially French.

Lined the collar with white silk taffeta, and found a retro black Bakelite buckle from my collection that seemed to suit.

The coloured threads turned out to be all wrong and so worked around the edges of the poodle with pearled seed beads.  So is it working?  The next problem is how to join the beaded poodle disc to the collar.  I am inspired by the remains of a chatelaine in the collection in the Brain Watkins House.

A beautiful piece of textile work, and something quite unusual don't you think.

Now I have looked a little more closely at it, I must say, I am intrigued, as I have no idea how this beautiful piece was made.  I will need to study it in closer depth, so wait for the big reveal, if you too are interested in how this chatelaine cord was made.

I like the raised satin stitch in this image, maybe a chain of rings made with this technique.  

What do you think? 

So it is Au Revoir ma cherie, et a la prochaine.


  1. Oooh...I can't wait to see the finished collar. It was so gorgeous in person - lucky friend who is getting it!

    The chatelaine looks amazing too. I say yes please on a post about it!

  2. Goodness that collar looks so great! So professional :P

    As for this "Chatelaine" I have no idea what that is or how it works... Lol went right over my head

  3. Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement, I will do some work on the collar today, and it looks like we need a post on the chatelaine - coming right up my darlings.

  4. Bonjour Zho Zho, I have returned after exfoliating the detritus of recent work- not a weekend in sight and lots of lost-time. What a delight to finally revisiti your sight and see, first, the right type of French Standard poodle on display in a wonderful pom-pom style/cut and perfect stanch. Then to scroll down and see the progress on the exquisite hounds-tooth Chanel collar....then further down, the exquisite embroidered beading of poodle. Any poodle would be proud to lead an owner wearing such a collar. I love it!!! With fond regards, coupled with a strong desire to paw the collar, Madame Pom Pom.

  5. So good to see you are on line Madame Pom Pom, welcome to the blog and you have inspired me to pull myself away from the embroidery of the coat and do some work on the collar. It is not far away so hold on my wonderful friend.