Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Butterick coat embroidery

Finally the embroidery of the coat is under way, it has been months since I started thinking about it,but I am sure my creative darlings,  that you understand about the flow of creativity, and how it is often about being in the right place, to work on the right piece, at the right time.  There are those sad pieces that end up tucked away in cupboards never to emerge again, lost in the desolation of a moment that was never quite found again.  However I am determined this coat is not going to be one of those.  


So this is the back, with the basic design off the tissue paper, basted through the tissue onto the coat fabric, and some of the trailing branches worked in stem stitch.  It was devilish hard getting the tissue off, but I have not got the luxury of a stand-alone embroidery table, or chalking paper.

Here is a great website if you want to see how to do a huge selection of embroidery stitches, it has clear easy to follow videos to show you how to work the stitches, a really great site, with heaps of information.

A detail of the basted outline of what will be the pink blossom, which I still have not quite decided how to do, a combination of ribbon, embroidery thread and beading I think.  I want to show you better images, but I do not have a camera, it has died and I have decided tomorrow I am going to bite the bullet and buy a new one.  So look forward to more posts as I will be up and running again.

The initial embroidery thread colours I have laid down as the trailing branches.

Possible ribbon colours I dug out of my stash.  I would like to do a technique with the ribbon I have used  before and tomorrow I will show you a little ribbon embroidery I have been working on, so that you can see what you think.  So I hope you like the colours, and I think I have decided on the lining too.  It is a printed Thai Silk I bought in Bangkok years ago, it has been sitting waiting patiently in its indolent glory for years, I will get it out and photograph it tomorrow.

So frustrated I will sign off in expectation of taking lots of photos tomorrow so I can show you some of the delights that I have found in the Brain Watkins House Collection, a chocolate box full of over 400 buttons, a wonderful piece of the finest bead work, and a rayon crepe blouse with some unusual and beautiful handwork.  So I will leave you with this thought until we find each other again:  

"We are here on earth to find our soul's joy".


  1. fantastic! I can't wait to see it I think the pattern is great

  2. Cool I am glad you like it, I didn't think you would like the colours, (I bet you don't). I am going to bring it up to Auckland with me and work on it at PoppaRose's. Love you baby thanks for being so constant a follower.

  3. No they're nice soft colours :P I'm adversed to the pink but what can ya do :P I'm only male.

    As long as there's not too much of it

  4. Ooooh...I want to see the buttons and beadwork and the rayon blouse!

  5. They are coming my dreamy darling, just getting some photos with my new camera, yummy delish.