Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A wonderful book

I wanted to share a book with you that I purchased off Trade Me. Unfortunately I don't have a camera at the moment so I can't show you an image of it. However here is something beautiful in the same vein, a very old and fragile embroidery.

The book is Berlin Work Samplers and Embroidery of the Nineteenth Century, by Marina Carmignani.

I haven't been able to post for a few weeks as I have a few distractions at the present time. However I wanted to share something from the introduction of the book I mentioned above, written by Huguette Perol, Ambassador of France in Rome.

"When I think of embroidery I think of Penelope who weaves and then unweaves her loom, patiently absorbed in her work; a long solitary wait, a discreet unfolding upon itself, her hands that move lightly and quickly, busy in her pleasant work while her mind is free to fantasize or think. Domestic art for excellence, feminine art made of dreams and thoughts, next to an open window to catch the light or near a fire where the flames make colours dance."

I loved those words, they spoke to me so beautifully, as this is my favourite place to be, creative and working with a delightful textiles next to my garden window, or seated by the fire, a place of peace and tranquility.


  1. So beautiful, both the embroidery and the words. Missed your posts, glad you're back. :)


  2. Hi
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  3. Hi Clare, Thank you for your comments, good luck with your project, I hope it goes well.