Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do you remember Trixies' Coat

Well you may not have met the gorgeous Trixie, in the days of her youth she was a great star of the screen and stage.

She is the most wonderful, inspiring friend, and has so much love to give, she is vibrant and full of life. I love her dearly. So I wanted to make her a unique piece of clothing, and to me the Butterick coat pattern from 1919, said so much about the person she is.

You see she loves pleasure, and all things fine, as the Beau Epoch drew to a close, this coat encapsulates so much of what that era had been. The Japanese influence, that shaped the look of Art Nouveau, and introduced new shapes to gowns and coats, the feel of luxury reflected in this last age where the aristocracy, who lived their lives solely in the pursuit of pleasure, still led fashion.

Here is the toile, so you can see the shape of the coat. It is loosely cut, and beautifully shaped. Coats with this shape were known as cocoon coats.

Well it has not been in my thoughts for a while, and its time to start thinking about the embroidery, and decorative elements for the fabric of the body of the coat. These were some of the images that inspired me.

This pink was just divine.

And I wanted a Japanese feel.

I liked these simple circular shapes.

So often used in Japanese fabrics.

Still loving this, with the feeling of willows, from that wet spring day months ago, when we walked to the beach and talked about the coat.

So lets see what the weekend brings, and which project lures me in. What do you think of these colours, rather that the pink and green?

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  1. I'm confused... Which colours were you gonna go with initially?
    "rather that the pink and green?"

    :/ haha long nights blogging?

    I still love that toile... And it looks great even in white! I think you could get away with any colour! So what does trixie want? :P

  2. The colours I was going to go with originally were the pink and green. As for Trixie she doesn't really want the coat anymore, she wants me to make a dress for her out of that 1950's fabric I bought off trade me - but I suspect that is just because it is summer and too hot for coats. She is so in the moment.

  3. LOL this is true. So in the moment

    The pink of the rose and the green on the jar? Yup that could be nice :) Do us a sketch? That always helps visualize it ;P