Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thinking about Ruffs again

Neck ruffs intrigue me, I have been reading lovely blogs about making corsets and they are exquisite there is no denying it, but for me I love the little trimmings, the frill, the ruffle, the edge. Ruffs are all of these things and I am about to make some more. Here are some I have shown on a previous blog.

This one has a brocade standing collar and is trimmed with a fine cream cotton lace, that was made in India.

The threading techniques used to shape this ruff is one that I want to play with.

Historically ruffs have taken many forms.

The French Rococo ruff.

I love the many layers of what could only be the finest lawn, or muslin. I really want to make this one.

Ruffs were also very simple and plain at times, as shown in this portrait.

Or very ornate, and heavily starched.

This Elizabethan ruff, is made from a linen, plain and undecorated, it has an ease and comfort about it not often seen. I would like to wear this ruff.

They could be large and supported by under frames. What do you think of the ruff, as textile jewellry it is hard to beat. Next post I will show you some modern takes on the ruff.


  1. ruffs ruffs ruffs ruffs ruffs what a beautiful thing. We need images from our ruff party asap

  2. I KNOW - get those photos off Carolyn's camera.

  3. Great to find like minded people, I love ruffs and own a couple, flimsy things. My ambition is to get a large cartwheel ruff. I wish I could sow but someone on ebay sells them as does someone on the net. Wonder what the reaction would be if I wore in public:)

  4. There is only one way to find out I guess, you have to wear one. I think the reaction would depend on the design of the ruff, and I see them as working really well with modern designs, if given a modern twist. Great to meet another ruff lover.