Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Modern Interpretations of the Ruff

Where do I go from here?

So I have had a bit of a play with ruffs, as you can check out if you go to one of my earlier blogs.

And we have had a look at what wonderful textile objects ruffs can be. And so now my question is, how can we make them art? I see them as art, but a genre that is not welcomed into art galleries, as they are one of the soft arts, one that is gentle and sweet, sexy and alluring, decorative. No longer attributed to high and worthy thoughts. And yet most of the masterpieces created from textiles, are created in love, one of the highest states of minds.

Ruffs have been popping up in designer collections in recent years, and I apologise for being really lazy and not noting the details of the site where this image came from. I will endeavour to do this in future I think, as I have chosen to use the internet as one of my major reference sources, as I want to see where it will take me.


Neck ruff: by Junya Watanabe from his "Techno Couture" collection, fall-winter 2000, photograph:

Textile jewellery sites, I will try to retrack down these sites and tell you a little more about them.

Hannah just like you envisaged, the falling ruff is definitely a modern take.

I like the Japanese take on the ruff, quite Gothic.

So there's some food for thought, and because I have found this so interesting I think I am going to start digging a little deeper, cos I am fascinated by edges, frills and ruffles that mark the borders, where one thing becomes another. Transition zones of costume, used to frame and enclose.

So my frilliant darlings. Live your life in joy, and treat yourself like Queens, while maintaining a warm loving centre around yourself that is a safe place for others, who will be drawn to rest in your presence.


  1. Oh those are just all so gorgeous. I'm really getting an appreciation for ruffs through you! And I love the white one at the top. The modern take above the thing about hannah is FUNKY I like it! There are some cool modern takes on it!

    To make it art.. You needa make it from modern materials I guess... I dunno that's a toughy... Aren't they just so amazing as they are though? :(

  2. Who cares about whether its art or not, I just want to celebrate how cool ruffs are.

  3. I love these Ruffs, very inspiring!
    I'm currently making Ruffs and collars using crocheted wire and glass. Please check out my website :)

    I will be exhibiting a glass and wire Ruff at this years New Designers 2012 in London (27-30th June 2012)