Sunday, September 4, 2011

Embroidery Students

Hallo to my darling embroidery students.  I know that we have all been very busy, and I am still waiting for some of you to get your photos into me.  Holly is the only one who got her piece into me on time and so this will make her the winner of this section, (makes it easy on the judging).  Well done Holly, and I love what you did.  All the others need to email their photographs into me so that I can put them all on a post, and then I will send their free sample packs to them for the next project.

I also need to know what it is that you are aspiring towards making cos there are so may ways that we could go.  We could combine fabric painting embroidery, applique and ribbon work to make crazy doilies like the one above.

Or do you want to embroider masterpieces that you can frame and hang on the wall.

I cannot download all  images onto my bog where I am at the moment, which is totally frustrating, but if you go to this post (see link below) and scroll down a bit, you will see some fabulous Art Nouveau embroidery patterns that would be a total work of art and look great in a frame.   We could practice the satin stitch used to create these.

Or do you want to embroider onto clothing, for this one you will need to be able to sew or have a piece of clothing that you can sew onto or an embroidered piece of fabric that you can sew onto your piece of clothing.  The really important thing about this is that you are bringing your art out into the street, and lets start thinking about our embroidery as our art, so put some thought into it, cos remember art is about ideas. 

Or would you like to make a fabric covered box to keep you embroidery tools and threads etc. in it

You could embroider the top and make little loops etc to hold your tools,or maybe make-up inside.

Anyway let me know which way you want to go and I will suggest some stitches we could practice.

Isabel what would you like to do  next, a picture to frame, or a bag, a box to keep things in, a cushion to embroider?  Let me know.

Well I am going to have a wee sleep now so see you soon



  1. I'm definitely aspiring toward embroidering clothing... But for now I think I just want pieces I can keep. Maybe just display pieces? I really want to embroider a patterned fabric like you originally planned I think I could have fun with that.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Do you think it would be better if you bought your own piece of fabric so that it was something that you liked, and I could send you threads,buttons beads and other bits and bobs you needed for the embellishment. It would be cool to do something funky like a scene out of Flash Gordon. or an alien flower, or something Gothic. I could paint something onto a piece of cloth, planets or a scene out of that old book that I used the spaceships and people for that bright pink painting in your room. Anyway I am totally open to what you all want so just let me know.

  3. I would love to do clothing too or a box would be fun as well. I think doing a scarf or a beanie would be really awesome or even a beach bag for summer, just making something ordinary look pretty - thats what i would like to do :)

  4. I would like to do some jeans,and I have a fabric bag ( you know the black one that you took the pattern off, from Venice...I might wankinly add )anyway that is pretty dull, even though it is from Venice and needs not to be so dull anymore, especially if it expects to go out with me and hold things for me.........

  5. Actually I think I am going straight onto to do a coat like yours JoJo, it will have a whole lot more difficult stitches and embroidery maneuvers than yours, you are clearly such a novice....thats ok keep trying petal, one day you could be as skilled as MOI! Cioas darling!

  6. I'd be keen to embroider a design onto a white t-shirt or a little piece for my wall which I can cherish forever...although my current project didn't get so far. I think discipline is key for me...I'll definately keep you posted and send you pics of what I get up to Jojo so we can all share, ask questions? x

  7. I think Holly's idea for a beanie is really cool :O could we do that? What kind of fabric would we need? That's something we could all share in doing cause everyone likes beanies! :P

    Anyone else agree?