Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From Belle Epoch to Modern Woman

Inside this Supplement of the Weldon's Journal, published in 1935 in celebration of the Royal Jubilee is a wonderful story of how things had changed for women.

During WWI women had picked up the work that men had normally done, filling their shoes with confidence.

Prior to the war, they had dressed like this, but things were about to change.

For women, things would never be the same again.


  1. Change for the better I say! I can't believe they wore that for tennis! LOL quite a dramatic change! Now we just need one of those for men :P

  2. Well its up to you, if you want change you have to change yourself. Then you will be called a fashion initiator.

  3. Haha I already have changed. I wear very feminine clothes... But how do I present it in a way that promotes change for mainstream male fashion? That's the question...

    Film perhaps :P

  4. What a fabulous, and fascinating, article! It's really interesting to see what they thought of the change.

  5. Thanks Dreamy, it is interesting isn't it. It must have been such an exciting time to be alive.