Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clan Gathering Pennants

At the last clan gathering, Jan gave out pennants for us to decorate to represent our family, and individual families. They are made of a soft butter yellow fabric. I have started working on one of mine, as I was given three. It was made to represent the lace makers who were our ancestors in England hundreds of years ago.

It is decorated on both sides, wth lace panels that I have handsewn onto the yellow cotton.


  1. pretty :) Why is it shaped like that? Is it purely decorative or does it have a function?

    Did you buy the lace panels?

  2. Jan gave me the yellow pennant, it was already made. It is a little flag. I am going to do a post on pennants soon, so that you will understand what they are about. I did not make the lace on this pennant, it is cut out of a doily that I had in my collection,and sewn onto the yellow fabric, with strips of pink ribbon.